Cerber ransomware removal and file restoration

July 31, 2016

Learn all the applicable methods to get around the data locking effect due to Cerber ransomware attack, and get a complete profile of this dangerous virus. What is Cerber ransomware? Online extortionists’ creativity seems to be infinite as they Read More

CTB Locker ransomware: restore encrypted files

July 31, 2016

Although the encryption of data by CTB Locker virus is impossible to break without the criminals-owned secret key, there are some recovery tips and tricks. What is CTB Locker? The algorithm called “elliptic curve cryptography” had never been a Read More

CryptoLocker virus removal and data recovery

July 30, 2016

This is a comprehensive summary on the CryptoLocker ransomware, covering its retrospective profile, encryption mechanisms and file restoration techniques. What is CryptoLocker? The strain of file-encrypting ransomware dubbed CryptoLocker has an eventful background. It surfaced in late summer 2013, Read More